There are thousands of magazine apps that clutter your home screen, but none that you actively seek. It would be easy to label SocialMob a magazine. However, it is so much more than that. After all, one isn’t simply reading, one is interacting and debating. The different mobs form a community that inspires change in themselves and the world.


A secure way to send messages quickly and efficiently. This app offers unlimited cloud storage, a secret chat option as well as group chatting. It is known for its ability to send large files hassle free when compared to other apps in the market.

Muses Studio

Share music. Connect with fellow artists. Get discovered. As a budding community of artists and record houses, the Muses Studio is the perfect platform for performers to display their talent. Like the name suggests, we hope to inspire everyone in creating good, quality music.


With thousands of applicants in your inbox to sort through, it’s only natural that one becomes frazzled. This is where Gunatas comes in. The self-learning smart engine scans and processes resumes at a rate no human can. It chooses the best candidate for the job without prejudice.


A web application which allows individuals to arrange their own love story. It is different from your typical dating or marriage site when it comes to security.

The Ultimate Kopie

Photos can only do a certain justice to our memories. The Ultimate Kopie relives your memories by immortalizing your special moment in a kopie.