User friendly

You don't need a tutorial to use Tx'Me, you will be at home in no time at all.

Universal App

Available across all platforms, Tx'me offers a seamless experience from your phone to the desktop.

Up all the time

You can rely on Tx'Me to be up and be an effective communication tool night and day.

Available on all platforms

Get Tx'Me for your phone, tablet and desktop

Tx'Me is a universal app available on all platforms. So you can keep track of what your friends are up to while on the move and continue the conversation on your laptop, all seamlessly integrated. Tx'Me makes the world a smaller place.


The iPhone 7 has six new features, so do we


All the stickers you need to express your moods

Secret Chat

Now discuss that bank job or the surprise party


Spread the message and get your ideas through


Command the bot and get the stickers you need

Game Bot

If humans don't test you, try gaming with our bot

Image Bot

Get all images by dropping a line to our bot



1Why Tx'Me when you can get Whatsapp?

We have made Tx'Me to bring back the magic of texting, when life was simpler, just tapping away at your keyboard connecting with friends and family. With a maximum limit of 5000 members everyone gets to be a part of your group on Tx-Me.

2Great, can I get it on my Windows Phone?

Oops, no you can't but your android and iOS friends can use it. We have a web app for Windows that you can check out though and still catch up with your mates.

3How can I trust you guys from not stealing private photos of my girlfriend?

Privacy is something we are particular about and we have all the encryption and stuff in place so no one can eavesdrop on your conversations or steal photos of your pet, sorry 'girlfriend'.

4Look I want to be online but don't want to seen online, get it? Can you help me out here?

Got yourself a stalker huh or a clingy girlfriend or mom on the war path, we can help with all. You can hide your last seen from selected people in the Privacy and Security settings and they will be seeing a message 'Last seen recently'.

5Can strangers see my phone number on Tx'Me?

No your number is never showed.

6I am a CIA agent and wish to communicate top secret information?

Umm we have a secret chat option for those paranoid souls.

7You have bots? What are bots? What's their use?

Bots are there to help you, get quick access to photos, gifs, play games etc. They don't mean no harm and do as they are told. You can summon them by using the '@' and the name of the bot you want, for eg: @gamebot

8Okay I had enough, I am going back to Whatsapp.

Whatsapp ain't that bad, if you like the idea of your phone numbers and other details accessed and targeted by advertisers. You can delete your account and all your data will be forever removed. Your account also gets automatically deleted after being idle for six months.